The headline above is from one of my favorite editorials about the gem and jewelry field. It was written by Mitch Gilbert, former publisher of Lapidary Journal, who died more than 20 years ago. Mitch had been the executive editor of JCK, and he loved the gem and jewelry world personally as well as professionally.

The theme of his editorial had to do with the fact that the jewelry field has many facets. And the threads of the field – business, science, hobby and art – all are wonderfully interconnected.

That’s true within a single person, too. Many people get their start in jewelry by admiring gemstone or bead jewelry. Then they start reading about the qualities of gems, beads and metals. Then they make their first piece. Then the hobby becomes an art, and soon enough, people want to buy what you created.

What Mitch observed about the entire field exists within each of you, and it’s what makes the jewelry field so unique, so vibrant and so exciting. I hope you cherish each day in the jewelry world. I know I do.

To selling more!