I receive many questions from jewelry designers about promoting their home jewelry parties in order to attract new prospects.

There are a few things that I suggest you do as the designer to engage current customers as a tool to help bring in new prospects: 

If  you’re  throwing these  parties at  your  own  home,  then  you  can  offer  an  incentive  to  invitees  to  bring  up  to  three  friends  to  the  event.  The  incentive  can  be  a  percent  off,  a  free  gift,  or  something  else.

Another idea is sending  two  invitations  to  each  person,  encouraging  them  to  offer  one  to  a  friend  or  relative.   

Also, an  idea  that  I  really  like  is  asking  those  you’ve  invited  to  tell  you  if  there’s  anyone  they’d  like  you  to  invite  on  their  behalf.  They  simply  send  you  those  names,  and  you  send  the  invitation  for  them!  That  ensures  that  you’re  in  control  of  the  process,  and  it  makes  it  easy  for  the  original  invitee  to  include  friends  to  join  the  party!  

And  make  sure  at  the  event  that  you  collect  the  names  of  customers  and  prospects  who  would  like  to  learn  about  future  events.   

How do you encourage new prospects to attend your jewelry parties?

To selling more!