At a restaurant last week I gave my name to the hostess. She said, “Thanks, just come back when you’re ready to be seated.” I stood at the hostess station, and when my guest walked in a minute later, I turned to her and said, “We’re ready.” She looked up blankly and said, “How can I help you?” In one minute she forgot me.

While seating us, the server asked if I wanted a black napkin because I had on a dark suit. I said yes. She said, “Okay,” walked away and never returned to the table.

After the meal, I waited for my guest at the hostess station. The same person who forgot the napkin asked how many were in my party. “We just finished eating,” I said, realizing she forgot she had seated me 45 minutes earlier. Three swings. Three misses.

Attention matters. Customers are thrilled when you notice important things, like their names, and seemingly unimportant things, like that her daughter plays on the field hockey team. Notice, write down, and remember the little things clients tell you.

They mean a lot. 

To selling more!