Your social circle — friends and family who own and wear your jewelry — are walking billboards for your jewelry-selling business!

In fact, most of the jewelry makers I know started by selling to friends and family. Then their businesses grew as word spread from that core group.

If you ask them, many might enjoy doing more than just wearing your jewelry – they’d like to refer people to you!

(If you’re somewhat introverted* (see resources at the bottom of this post) you may not feel comfortable asking people to do something for you. Take a few deep breaths and read on. It’s pretty easy to do and your social circle typically supports you and wants to help!)

Here are 5 Ways to Get Referrals from Your Social Circle:

1. Ask each friend/family member if they are comfortable referring others to you. Some jewelry makers are surprised at how many people in their social circle are eager to help them succeed. Make sure you confirm in advance who would like to be a referral source.

2. Give them your business cards and other literature. Many jewelry makers forget this obvious tip. When a friend or family member hands out your card out, they should write a quick note on the back with their full name so that when the referral comes to you, you know whom to thank.

3. Make referral rewards clear in advance. A flat dollar amount or a percentage of the referred customer’s first purchase are great ideas. You want to offer a generous reward for those valuable referrals. If the source refuses the reward, make it a gift at a later time.

4. Consider “gifting” jewelry to top referral sources. If your friend Emily wears your jewelry often to her job as a pharmaceutical rep (where she meets lots of people) and makes lucrative referrals to you, consider giving her your jewelry to wear and expensing it as “marketing” – check with your accountant first to make sure it’s allowable.

5. Ask top referral sources how they promote your jewelry. You can learn so much from people who refer many people to you. Ask them to tell you – word-for-word – what they are telling others, so you can pick up on and use the key “selling” words or phrases.

Question: How are you getting referrals from your social circle right now? Leave a comment below!

*For introverts, here’s a great article on how to network more comfortably (it’s written for internet marketing professionals, but there are excellent ideas in here):

And here is a blog we posted last year on the same topic: