1. Stand at your booth. Charlene Anderson, of Anderson-Shea, Inc. reminds everyone to avoid sitting at your booth. Or, if you are sitting to rest, stand up when people approach the booth. It is important to be “eye-to-eye” when you are selling. You’re also likely to sell more energetically when standing than when sitting.

2. Uncross your arms. Crossed arms are a universal sign of defensiveness. Keep your arms uncrossed when selling face-to-face. If your prospect has his or her arms crossed, hand them something so that they will uncross them. Even people who think they are just crossing their arms to rest may begin feeling unconsciously defensive.

3. Keep your palms up. People who have their palm(s) facing up appear more inviting and less threatening than those who have their palms facing down. (Watch political debates to see who has their palms up … it’s not by accident.) Keep this in mind when you are talking with prospects and when presenting jewelry to them to try on.

4. Speak slightly slower than your prospect. The pace of a conversation is extremely important. People will feel more comfortable talking with you if you are matching their pace, or speaking slightly slower than they are. Speaking faster may make them feel rushed or anxious.

5. Watch their hands. What your prospects do with their hands tells you a lot about what they are thinking … their “buying temperature.” A prospect who is holding her hand in front of her mouth may not yet be ready to commit. If you see that sign, ask what she is thinking to learn more about what her objections may be.
but hadn’t in a while.

I hope these tips help you sell more at your booth!