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Many jewelry makers do double-duty as their own copywriter for marketing and advertising purposes. Here are 5 Quick Copywriting Tips:

  1.  Avoid superlatives. Saying something is the best, top, number one, or the premier often sounds false. Also, in something as subjective as jewelry, it may not even make sense to say so.
  2. Talk in terms of what your customer wants. People don’t necessarily want a bracelet, they want something that fits their mood, their style, or will attract the attention of other people. Try to understand what your customers desire and write in terms of those needs.
  3. Avoid “that.” In most cases, the word “that” is unnecessary. For example: “the way that you make me feel” is less powerful than when you strike “that” … “the way you make me feel.”
  4.  Use bullet points. Bullet points make it easy for people to see specific benefits and features of your jewelry. Instead of embedding them in long paragraphs, turn them into bullets!
  5.  Get personal! One of the amazing aspects of artisan, hand-crafted jewelry is the personal connection customers desire to have with you. Write about your passions and what drives your creativity as a jewelry maker.