Woman holding up 5 fingers

Some of the most effective ways to connect with customers don’t cost a thing and are easy to do!

They’re so simple, in fact, that we often forget to do them or assume that they’re not important. But they truly are. Try these 5 easy ways to boost your connection to customers, and see if they don’t make an immediate impact!

  1. Smile! It’s more powerful than the words you say. Your smile conveys warmth, interest and kindness. You may have consciously think to do it at first, but if you smile more when greeting prospects, customers and everyone else in your life, watch how many people immediately smile back. Smiling is like giving a gift that’s almost always returned. Use yours!
  2. Establish eye contact early. If you’re on the shy side, you may feel uncomfortable establishing eye contact with strangers. But it’s an important way to connect right away with someone. You don’t have to stare directly into their eyes, but looking into a prospect’s face is important.
  3. To shake, or not to shake? Conventions around hand-shaking vary by culture and by gender, too. Nevertheless, a handshake with a prospect either when they come up to you or after completing a sale can indicate professional warmth. It can also let you get a quick glance at any rings, bracelets or watches the prospect is wearing.
  4. Comment about the jewelry a prospect is wearing. As you know, people wear jewelry so that others will see it. It’s an invitation to comment. You can simply refer to the item: “That’s a great necklace!” Or, “Where did you get that?” Listening to the responses of prospects as they talk about jewelry they already own gives you insight into what they like and why.
  5. Maintain open body language. Crossing your arms, holding one arm with the other, and other poses that block your own body can convey a sense of defensiveness to prospects. Maintain an “open” posture by keeping your arms uncrossed. Keep them at your sides or hold something like a pen or pad to remind you not to cross them! If a prospect has her arms crossed, hand her a piece of jewelry and she’ll uncross them.

Any of these improve that connection with customers … using all of them will engage and connect extremely well! If you have additional things you do to connect with your customers, post them as a comment!