When I was a kid, we dropped off camera film to the drug store and then waited two weeks for the prints. They were sent to a processor in Wisconsin or some other exotic place. When I saw 1 hour turn-around the first time, I was amazed that such a thing existed.

Now, 1-hour photos seem almost glacially slow. Our world has speeded up considerably.

So I was surprised the other day when I received an auto-reply message to an e-mail I sent to a jewelry maker that said, “Thanks for your note! We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.”

24 hours? That’s 4 plane rides from Philadelphia to California. In 24 hours, your prospect will have found a reason to buy from someone else.

I’m not suggesting that you chain yourself to your computer, but schedule how you respond so that people receive a reply within that day, if possible.

Get back to customers as quickly as you can. The speed makes a difference. And the difference can be huge.

What is your secret to keeping up with the fast pace of business today?

To selling more!