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Tips, techniques and insights on marketing and selling handmade artisan jewelry.

I get up each morning at about 5:45 am and I’m usually in my office by 7. It’s nice having my neighborhood to myself most mornings. Last Thursday, I decided to look for 5 cool/interesting things on my way to work. (I try to do that daily, anyway, but after the storm, it was even more […]


Give your customers permission to buy.

I was at a business dinner last week, and I asked people what ice cream they had in their freezer at the moment. Lots of people said very specific things, like, “I have three types of Ben & Jerry’s” or “I have mint chocolate chip ice cream and coffee frozen yogurt.” Then I asked, “How […]


Too Smart is Dumb

cap and gown

When I’m doing seminars, I often ask each participant to say — in one sentence – what they do. And it is amazing how many people cannot do this. Particularly people in technical fields – such as software companies, for example – often have trouble saying what they do in simple terms that make it easy for […]



A reader contacted me the other day with a question that was both philosophical and practical: How do you to measure success as a jewelry maker? It’s an essential thing to consider, and the answer will vary depending on many issues, such as your deeply held values, experiences, thoughts about money, art, and many other things. Whether you make jewelry […]


17 Free Ways to Market Handcrafted Jewelry

There’s a fudge shop in Stone Harbor, NJ where one of the employees stands outside with a big plate from which she hands out tiny pieces of fudge as free samples. The samples are quite literally the size of a piece of a diced tomato, but people swarm to the plate like bees to honey. […]



The solid base of customers for most jewelry sellers like you is your social circle. That means your friends and family, as well as their acquaintances. In fact, if you believe that that 80/20 rule applies to your revenue (80% of your revenue likely comes from 20% of your customers), that 20% is likely to […]


Give your customers permission to buy.

Confused customers are often just waiting for someone to give them permission to buy. Here’s an example: My friend Wendy looked at a ring in a local jewelry store for a few weeks. She’d walk by the store and peer at it through the display window. She mentioned it to me a few times and said she […]



I know it’s corny advice: Remembering names is important. But no matter how (much older) I get, the wisdom of that increases all the time. A few days ago, I was facilitating a leadership program. One group of six had been working together for two days, but during an activity, one of the group members admitted […]


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