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Tips, techniques and insights on marketing and selling handmade artisan jewelry.
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Lighting up Your Handmade Jewelry Q: I have a specific question regarding lighting … I have looked online and I have done some searching on the web … so far, I am not finding what I am looking for … ‘a systematic solution to show table lighting for artisan jewelry’. Are you aware of a […]


Small Change, Big Impact

Parking meter.

I walked into a jewelry store near my office last week to buy a watch band. As I waited for them to replace the old one, I noticed quarters, dimes and nickels neatly lined up on the counter. There was a sign next to the coins that said, “For parking meters if you need it.” […]


By Northern Pacific Railway (eBay item card front card back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to explore creative new ideas for reducing shopping headaches among your current clients and prospects and to help make this special day even more wonderful for moms everywhere! Here are some Mother’s Day marketing ideas: If you have not run local newspaper advertising recently because you thought that it was […]


Business Card Tips

Business cards are essential, even in this digital age! Business cards are a powerful and inexpensive marketing tool. When you’re designing your marketing materials, you want them to be tailor-made and consistent with your industry, business, and personal style. 1. Size: Business card designs are all over the map on size and shape. As a […]


email auto-reply

I wrote to a jewelry maker the other day and got their automatic out-of-office reply. Here is what it said: “Thank you for your email! We are currently out of the office but will reply within 24 hours.” No signature or phone number. It was brief and to the point. Although it was somewhat informative, there […]


Shows abound - pick the right one for you, set up then sell your work with a smile.

Show season is upon us! Here are a few quick tips to help you be more successful selling at shows. Stand UP! Sitting at your booth may be more comfortable, but it forces the customer to look down at you. To see “eye to eye,”stand when greeting customers, and take a seat to rest when […]


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