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Introduction to Marketing and Selling Jewelry

Learn the marketing secrets of the most successful jewelry sellers in the world! This is the best basic program there is for beginners who are just starting out selling. If your friends and family have started buying from you, this program will show you the ideas others are using to grow their businesses.


101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques

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The Jewelry Selling Answer Book

Expert answers to the most popular questions that jewelry makers have about selling. This thorough guide covers everything from pricing to gallery negotiations, commissions and more! Available as an instant download (in PDF format) or in a print version that includes all of the great sales-boosting links and resources as the digital edition.


The Jewelry Maker’s Guide to Copyrights, Trademarks and Protecting Your Designs!

If you’ve ever worried about how to protect your designs from being copied, or been concerned about whether or not you can use a technique you learned or an idea you saw somewhere else, now you can have the answers! This is a one-hour discussion with attorney and jewelry maker Sarah Feingold on the ins and outs of legal issues for jewelry designers. The 1-hour audio CD and transcript comes with a FREE downloadable bonus!


Jewelry Selling Insights

The ONLY e-newsletter that reveals in-depth the special psychology of marketing and selling handcrafted jewelry. You get these easy-to-implement ideas delivered to your in-box 12 times a year, PLUS $62 in bonus materials!


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Jewelry makers are often unaware of “blind spots” that prevent them from connecting easily with all kinds of prospects. A Myers-Briggs personality report and one-on-one feedback with Dr. Weiman can reveal the blind-spots and remove obstacles to your success!


Radically BOOST Your Jewelry Sales Knowledge

I’m Dr. David Weiman and for over 20 years I was the Marketing Director for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, the world’s oldest gem, bead and jewelry arts magazine.

I’m also a psychologist who can show you — in easy to understand terms — the deeper reasons why people buy handcrafted jewelry like yours.

This is the only site on the web where you can learn the psychology and success principles behind marketing your beautiful artisan, handcrafted jewelry.

The Language of Color

example of connected goals 3

Cool blue…passionate red…regal purple. Any jewelry designer knows that color has a big effect on the viewer. While customers’ favorite colors and related jewelry choices are highly personal and varied, one area where the colors you choose have an even greater impact on dollars and cents is in your marketing materials and packaging. Market researchers have [...]


More is More

mooney gold

The most common advice I give jewelry makers is to charge more. That’s because so many of you are underpricing yourselves. I know you may not feel you’re worth it. But consider this: People often associate the VALUE of something with its PRICE. They think a bottle of vodka should be better because it costs more. Even if [...]


“Story Time”


As a jewelry designer, you have a story to tell.  And what better way to convey your message than with a story card.  Now you may ask, David, what is a story card? Well, it as a small card that tells the story of you and your jewelry which you can either attach to every [...]